General Policies

About our products

  • Foods Disclaimer: The foods we offer for sale are eaten by all of our hermit crabs. We do not sell any foods that our crabs do not eat. We do not guarantee your crabs will eat everything we offer in our stores, because not all crabs have the same food preferences. Sometimes hermit crabs eat a lot at once, and other times crabs go days without eating, so timing is also crucial when feeding your crabs. We are not responsible for what you feed to your hermit crabs or how you feed them. The health and safety of your crabs is solely your responsibility.


  • Payment by PayPal. We only accept PayPal at this time. We may incorporate additional electronic payment methods at a later date if there is sufficient demand.
  • We do not accept any non-electronic payments (cash, check, money order, etc.).
  • Payment is made when you complete the checkout process. Checkout will take you to the PayPal website to complete your payment.

Order Packaging and Shipping Calculator

  • Your order will be packed into the smallest available container that will safely hold it. This helps to minimize shipping costs and ensure that your order arrives complete and undamaged. We pack all orders securely in boxes or padded envelopes.
  • Some items require special packaging. Driftwood and Birch Bark Rounds must be shipped in boxes. Artwork must be shipped flat in padded envelopes and cannot be combined with other products in a single package. These kinds of combinations of products are not common, but if you do place an order like this, keep in mind that the shipping calculator may not predict shipping costs accurately. If this occurs and there is a gross underestimate of shipping, we will have to refund your payment and send you a PayPal payment request manually. If you receive an obvious overestimate for shipping from the shipping calculator, we will refund you the difference after payment is received. For the time being our shipping calculator will work fine for the vast majority of standard orders of food products. It is only likely to mess up if you order some really bulky items of combinations of such items. Please bear with us if this occurs. Thank you.


  • Refunds are not accepted. If you are not certain that you want a product, do not buy it. The vast majority of what we sell would be considered non-refundable anywhere, specifically food products. We have a small store. Every order is given personal attention and care by the owner. You will not receive anything in damaged condition or inaccurately described.

Contacting the Store

  • You are welcome to contact us at anytime. However, please be aware that this website is primarily a store for selling hermit crab-related products. We have volunteered and continue to volunteer a significant amount of time, money, and resources to developing and providing many helpful and informative care sheets, guides, and tutorials, to assist other hermit crab owners and those looking to become hermit crab owners. The site owner also maintains a blog and a Youtube channel focused on hermit crabs. She is an active participant, moderator, or maintainer of other online hermit crab-related websites and forums as well.
  • Due to limited time, some emails directed toward the store may be ignored if the information inquired about has already been compiled and is available on the website, either in the Alaska Hermit Blog, at the Information Center, in our product descriptions, or via any of the links to other websites and resources provided throughout our site’s pages.
  • If you do not receive a response to an email, it is not personal. It is simply a matter of limited time. If you do not receive a reply, it is recommended that you check the website to see if the answers to your questions have already been provided for you or can be found at a number of other places on the internet via an internet search. We do our best to answer the questions whose answers are not readily available on our site or elsewhere.
  • All the free resources we provide, from care sheets to coloring pages, are there as our way to give something to the hermit crab community. But the website is still primarily a store and we are not readily available to provide personalized answers to every crab owner’s questions. There are other internet venues such as forums which are dedicated to such purposes and where you are much more likely to find information that may not be available on our site. Please see our Helpful Links page and other pages for more information that you may be looking for.