About our Supplies

The supplies we sell are a mix of nature and human-made. The driftwood mostly has come from the Tanana River, and the birch bark rounds were collected off dead birch trees in the Fairbanks area. The moss comes from the lush temperate forests of Auke Bay, Alaska. Like with our food, we never over-harvest any of these items. We also have a few used name brand supplies for sale that we no longer need.

Our isopods have been breeding for over a year, and we are excited to offer starter colonies of these little crustaceans for sale. If established in your tank, they make excellent janitors, and will clean up after your hermit crabs. This helps prevent mold, mites, and other unwanted pests from living in your crab tank. While having these isopods in your crabs tank does not guarantee the absence of problems, it does help. They also will provide your more predatory hermit crabs with some stimulation, and protein if your crabs can catch them. We have witnessed several of our own crabs hunting isopods in our tank.

We recommend that if you buy a starter colony, you keep them in a separate container for a few months to allow them to reproduce. Once their numbers have reached between 100-200, that is when it will be ok to add them to your crab tank and expect them to take hold. We also recommend that you keep your separate breeding colony going just in case you need to add more. For more information on keeping a breeding colony of isopods, please view our isopod care sheet. They are very easy to keep and breed.