About our Foods

Alaska is a big state. At over 663,000 square miles in area, the landscapes range from tundra and boreal forests in the north, to lush rainforests and rocky coastlines in the south. Much of this area is free of roads and people, allowing us to harvest very clean, healthy wild crops. We never overharvest, as we would like everything to grow back just as well the next year, and we know that other animals count on these crops as well.

Some of the food will come from the area around Juneau and Auke Bay, Alaska where I grew up. Juneau is located in the southeast part of the state, where temps don’t dip below freezing very often, even in the winter. Juneau is nestled between tall mountains on one side, and the sea on the other. This unique location offers much in the way of harvestable foods.

Hundreds of trails take hikers like myself way up into the mountains, where the berry picking is always good. Thousands of miles of coastline and few people allows for excellent beach combing opportunities. The numerous rivers in the area also give us remote access to many different areas only a small fraction of locals even see.

Other foods will come from the area around Fairbanks, Alaska. Fairbanks is located in the interior where temperature swings are much more dramatic. It can be in the 80’s in the summer, and drop down to -50 in the winter. The 23-hour daylight summers provide a very quick, but very productive growing season. Fairbanks has a lot of small hills topped with birch forests, boreal forests, muskegs, and tundra. This diversity in habitats yields much diversity in the crops we can harvest here. We also will get a few things from the grocery store to help round out our supplies.