• About our Foods

    Alaska is a big state. At over 663,000 square miles in area, the landscapes range from tundra and boreal forests in the north, to lush rainforests and rocky coastlines in the south. Much of this area is free of roads and people, allowing us to harvest very clean, healthy wild crops. We never overharvest, as […]

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  • About our Supplies

    The supplies we sell are a mix of nature and human-made. The driftwood mostly has come from the Tanana River, and the birch bark rounds were collected off dead birch trees in the Fairbanks area. The moss comes from the lush temperate forests of Auke Bay, Alaska. Like with our food, we never over-harvest any […]

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  • About our Shells

    Our shells are a mix of used and new shells of various types. The shells for sale are either shell that our current crabs outgrew, or ones they just don’t seem to like very much. If you are new to buying shells, please take time to research what your species of hermit crabs like most. […]

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