Teeny Tiny Shells for Captive Breeding (Limit One Per Customer)


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You are buying a baggy of 100+ teeny tiny shells that are shaped exactly like turbo shells, species is Littorina sitkana or Sitka Periwinkle. They come off the beaches around my home in Auke Bay, Alaska. Each one is hand-picked and inspected for holes and other issues. Opening sizes are just a few mm at the most. There are a range of sizes in the bag, some are small enough to be the first shells they take, others may take a molt or two to fit into. When you receive them, sort them into opening sizes, and check to make sure super tiny shells aren’t in the openings of larger (but still really tiny) shells.

These shells are for people trying to raise captive-bred land hermit crabs. Please only buy them if this is what you are going to do with them. Each bag is several hours of work sitting on the beach sifting through rocks and sand to find these shells that don’t have snails in them anymore, but are in still good enough shape to be used by baby crabs. This is a venture near and dear to my heart, so these shells are priced very low for the amount of work that went into them to encourage people to keep trying. Very few people have managed to breed land hermit crabs in captivity. Maybe you will succeed! Good luck!

LIMIT ONE BAG PER CUSTOMER. I have a very limited supply. Use this bag of shells as a start to your micro shell collection. Supplement with shells from craft stores, etc.

For more info, please check out the HCA and their breeding guide.