Isopods – Porcellio scaber (about 20)


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Their color can range from dark blue to grey usually, but other color morphs do exist. Some may have an orange or light grey outline on their bodies. They are excellent breeders, and do well in the crabitat. I recommend these most.

If established in your tank, isopods make excellent janitors, and will clean up after your hermit crabs. This helps prevent mold, mites, and other unwanted pests from living in your crab tank. While having these isopods in your crabs tank does not guarantee the absence of problems, it does help. They also will provide your more predatory hermit crabs with some stimulation, and protein if your crabs can catch them. We have witnessed several of our own crabs hunting isopods in our tank. For more information on our isopods, see our isopod care sheet. You will receive about 20 individuals of various ages and sex. Isopods are only available in the summer months since they cannot be shipped in cold weather.



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