Helpful Links

Here is a list of helpful links related to hermit crab care and various other topics. I try my best to ensure that broken links to external sites are removed, but it can be difficult to stay up to date so if you encounter a link to another website that no longer works please let me know.

My personal crab-related links

My hermit crab deviantart
My youtube channel


The Hermit Crab Association (HCA)
THE BEST place for information

Food Related Information (HCA)

Safe food list
Unsafe food list
Kili’s guide to hermit crab nutrition
Recipe and food ideas

Misc. Information (HCA)

Water guide
Substrate guide
Bug guide
Mite guide
Light/Heat guide
How many crabs guide
Sexing guide
Captive breeding guide
Sizing chart (document)

Shell Information (HCA)

Shell guide
Shell ratio length vs. opening

Other websites with info/food/shells/etc.

Hermit Crab Paradise
Great Place for information

Naturally Crabby: Answers to common questions

The Hermit Crab Patch
Please look at their articles on care information. They also have great food and shells.

Hermit Crab Addiction Store
Good foods.

Hermit Crab Garden
Great backyard garden grown foods your crabs will go nuts for! Also sells shells.