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About Alaska Hermit

Alaska Hermit is based just below the arctic circle in Fairbanks, Alaska. I just graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a bachelor’s degree in Earth Science. While trying to find work, I run my hermit crab food store and sell my photography. Living in Alaska has great advantages for my store and my crabs. I have access to vast areas of land left to its own devices, which allows me to collect many wild plants and animals that the hermit crabs love.054id

I originally started collecting wild plants in 2010 to save money on hermit crab food, and expand their diet. Once I saw how much the crabs loved our harvested food, I began to take time to collect extra to sell privately to other crab owners. After getting great reviews from people who fed the food, I decided to dedicate a lot more time to collecting products so that I would be able to offer them to any crab owner who wants them, while still having enough to feed my own crabs through the long Alaskan winters.

Each short summer, I spend many hours hiking trails, climbing cliffs, braving the mosquitoes, and sinking in the muddy banks of the Tanana River to collect the harvest for the year. But the extra labor is well worth it when I see crabs across the country munching on our products.

Rest assured, I harvest over a large area of land, and never overharvest in one spot. I care about the environment and the future harvests, so I put great effort into making sure I do no damage. I collect on a subsistence level, and have no measurable impact on any species I harvest.

Because Alaska Hermit is so far from other food suppliers, this means my store has many unique products you won’t find anywhere else. The crabs can enjoy the food items as received, but since I sell most products individually, this gives you the option of making your own custom mixes at home.

In addition to my wild Alaskan products, I also carry an array of domestic/garden-grown products. I also will occasionally stock organic produce from our local grocery store. This helps round out the food supplies, giving your crabs more variety in their diets.

Since my products are natural, I wash what I can before they are dried and sent out, but I CANNOT guarantee sterility. I have never had problems with my products carrying any sort of “pest”, but I cannot be held responsible if they happen to be carrying anything.

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