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    Shop among a wide selection of hermit crab food products, including many unique items that are difficult to harvest or find elsewhere. We focus on foods, but we offer other products as well.

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    Here you will find general information about the different kinds of products we offer, including foods, supplies, shells and original artwork.

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    At the Information Center you can learn about hermit crab care and other topics with our care sheets and tutorials, read the Alaska Hermit blog, download our hermit crab coloring pages, and more.

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Make a Donation

Donations help keep the site running and allow us to continue developing and providing free web resources like care sheets and tutorials. Harvesting around Alaska not only requires a serious time commitment, but is expensive. Just the cost of gas to drive significant distances to harvest some items is prohibitive. Running a full-fledged webstore only adds to the cost.

Maintaining the store is ultimately not a profitable use of time, at least at the moment. It is more a labor of love and something we want to do for the crabber community.

We also have plans for developing a hermit crab rescue for orphaned hermit crabs and we continue to work on our breeding program that will hopefully someday help combat over-harvesting of crabs from the wild by making their capture unnecessary.

None of these endeavors are profitable, but they do require funding. We donate our time but time is not enough. Sales of products do help and we are very thankful, but donations are also gladly accepted.


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